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Welcome to the Team!


We are so excited to welcome you to our team!  I am sure you have lots of questions about what will happen next.  We want you to know we are here to take care of you and walk with you through the transition.


One thing that will not change for you is your current pay or benefits. 


Paid Time off for Crew will start on August 1st.  Crew through Part Time Certified Shift Leaders will start accruing Paid Time Off August 1st.  For every 500 Hours Worked you will receive 8 Hours of Paid Time Off.


If you currently have Vacation time.  P&J foods will pay you through July 31st the amount you accrued.  We will prorate the vacation time from August 1st - the end of the year for you.  


Starting January 1st. 2023 you will start on our Vacation and Paid Time Off policy.  

Manager Bonuses Will Start on October 1st.  (More Detail to Come)

We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Rick and Wes Clerc

Apps to Download

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